Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2 Months!

My sweet baby turned 2 months on November 4th but I am slow in posting. Life with a baby is busy and so wonderful. Beckam is such a sweet baby and has such a peaceful spirit. He adds so much to our home! Unfortunately Beckam has had a few challenges in his short little life. He ate and slept like a champ until he hit about 3 weeks old and then began to struggle. He was showing signs of eating problems similar to Ashton in some ways but different in others. Beckam never pulled off screaming like Ashton did but he choked and coughed often and never seemed comfortable eating. Ashton would eat enough to take away the hunger but never enough to feel satisfied. Beckam has always eaten enough and is growing and is chunky! Beckam makes “squeaky” noises when he eats and it just sounds like eating is a lot of work for him. I knew there was a problem and was worried that he too had dysphasia like Ashton but there were enough differences that I wasn’t quite sure. I decided to call the occupational therapist that we saw with Ashton to see what she thought about having Beckam tested as well. She was no longer with that clinic but they let me talk to another therapist who got us in a few days later to do an oral feeding evaluation. She too though that there was a problem and referred us to Primary Children’s Hospital. We were able to get in and do a barium swallow study and meet with an ENT. The  swallow study didn’t show an signs of swallowing issues but when we met with the ENT he heard the strider (squeaky noises). He did a quick FEES swallow study and Beckam showed signs of Aspiration as well. He was diagnosed with laryngomalasia and we were told to thicken his milk like we did with Ashton. This is a condition where the flap in their throat closes off so they can’t breathe well. It makes it hard to eat and sleep as well. We were grateful to get some answers but sad for our little man! We started thickening but he struggled taking a bottle. We scheduled another swallow study for November 25th. Despite all Beckams eating, breathing and sleeping problems he is an amazing baby! 

At 2 months Beckam:
-          -Talks and smiles all the time
-          -Loves to lay on his back on his activity mat
-          -Does great during tummy time and is getting so strong
-          -Hates the car seat
-          -Loves to be held and nap in the baby carrier (it’s the only way I get anything done!)
-          -Loves his big brother
-         - Weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces (30%)
-         - Is 23 ½ inches long (75%)

We love our little Beckam! 

Beckam was blessed  by his dad on November 1st. It was such a beautiful day! We had so many friends and family there to support us. Derek did such a beautiful job with the blessing. We are so grateful to have this angel in our home! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

One Month

Little Beckam is one month old already! He slept for the entire first two weeks of his life! I wasn’t sure if he would ever wake up but just after 2 weeks he woke up and has stolen our hearts. He is such a peaceful little baby and mostly content. He has such a sweet spirit!  He nursed great at first but now is still struggling with nursing and choking on it but we will get the hang of it! Unfortunately he has his very fussy time in the evening and never wants to be put down. He just wants to cuddle all day and night. The challenging part is at night when I need sleep and he wants to be held. We will sleep again one day! Ashton absolutely loves his little brother. We were all very nervous about how Ashton would react to Beckam and how he would treat him. We were pleasantly surprised. He hit him once in the hospital on the head and his dad and I got after him and explained how he had to be soft. Because Beckam screamed so loud I think it scared Ashton and has been so soft ever since. I am sure that will change once Beckam learns how to take Ashton’s toys away! For now I am enjoying watching Ashton be so cute with his brother. Newborns are never easy but Beckam is just wonderful and we love him more and more every day!

At one month Beckam:
-         - Weighs: about 9 pounds
-          -Length: 19 7/8 inches
-          -Still wears mainly newborn clothes
-          -Likes tummy time and can roll from his tummy to his side
-          -Loves to be held and cuddled
-          -Loves to be worn in his baby wrap
-          -Sleeps the best on mommy’s chest
-          -Doesn’t sleep great at night yet
-          -Hates the car seat
-          -Doesn’t love binkies and won’t take a bottle
-          -Loves to be kissed all day by his big brother
-          -Is become more alert and follow us with his eyes if we move

Beckam Jerry Steiner

Beckam’s Birth Story

Beckam Jerry Steiner entered the world on September 4, 2015 at 7:08 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds 15 ½ ounces and was 19 inches long. He is perfect in every way! We fell in love the first moment we met!
His entry to this world w, as a much more peaceful experience than his older brother, Ashton’s! Because of a lack of progress, we scheduled another c section for September 4th. Tyler and Cassie offered to take Ashton overnight on the 3rd so we wouldn’t have to worry about him the morning of the c section. We dropped him off and he was happy as can be. It was a little emotional for me to leave him overnight but he did amazing! I almost felt sad that his and my time was coming to an end. It would never be just him and I again and part of me felt sad. But we were just so excited to get little Beckam here safe! That night I packed my hospital bags and had a sleepless night! All the worries started flooding my mind but I felt at peace. We arrived at Jordan Valley Hospital at 4:30 a.m. I had done my hair and makeup for the occasion. That is the only nice part about having a c section! They got me in my room and started paperwork and preparing me for surgery. I was very nervous about the procedure because of my experience with Ashton. However, Derek and my mom were there to reassure me that everything would go smoothly and we would soon have a beautiful baby boy!

Finally just after 6:30 a.m. they told me it was time to walk back to the operating room. That was a crazy experience- walking yourself to your surgery. So many emotions flood your body- nervousness, worry, excitement, etc. I sat up on the operating table and they put in my epidural. That was one of the worst parts of the c section. Because it is so strong the doctor told me to lie down quickly or I wouldn’t be able to move. By the time I laid down I couldn’t move my legs. It was such a strange feeling. Derek and my mom got in their scrubs and I got all prepped for surgery and they got started. With Ashton I went into shock and remember very little of his birth but with Beckam I was terrified but still felt so much peace. Finally after what felt like an hour I heard my baby boy cry! It was the most beautiful sound and I began to cry too! I knew that he was alive and here safe!

The worst part of having a c section is that you can’t see the baby right after they are born. There are too many risks involved and they have to check the baby’s lungs. Derek and my mom took pictures for me and showed me as they stitched me up. Finally Derek brought him to me and it was love at first sight! He had a beautiful head of hair and a chunky little face. He was truly perfect in every way. The c section went so well and I felt calm through the entire surgery. They moved me onto my hospital bed and placed little beckam at my side. They rolled us into our room and he got to meet my family who also fell in love!

Our stay at the hospital was amazing and baby Beckam was an angel baby. He nursed like a champ and slept all the time. He was the most cuddly baby ever! Ashton came a few hours after Beckam was born and was so cute with him. He loves his little brother so much. He was a little worried about mommy and the change was hard but he has been amazing! We love our boys so much!